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Steve Gulley says...
"The first time you hear Kelley sing, one thing becomes immediately evident - her music and spiritual life are so closely intertwined that it's impossible to hear one without seeing the other. There's so much feeling in every note that you can feel the sincerity and heart she gives to each song. It's been my pleasure to work with Kelley on her new collection of music and to see her continue to grow as an artist. Her talent is a given but her faith and humility make it special. I'm proud to call her friend."

-Steve Gulley
Award-winning Bluegrass Artist, Songwriter, & Producer

From Wisconsin Joe...
“‘In the Waiting’ is a sweet and honest Contemporary Bluegrass Gospel project done by one of the purest voices there is. Listening to this project you will immediately get the sense that Kelley Nelson chose songs that are her life. The emotion, the message in the song, can only come from someone who knows. Backed up by some of the best pickers in the business, it’s a pure Virginia pleasure to listen to. I highly recommend it.”
-Wisconsin Joe Stutzman, Host of Heartland Bluegrass


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